Who We Are

Who We Are

About Us

Established in 2021, we started as a small public server on the Mojang videogame Minecraft (Java Edition). When we opened our server we had no idea the overwhelming support we would receive from friends, old and new! We quickly learned that we had attracted people of all ages, nationalities, and creeds. We knew that our community had to be one where not only were all voices heard, but all people knew that they could make a difference, in the community they helped us create! We wanted to do more.

Half way through 2021 we began developing business models that could effect not only our Minecraft family, but also our local communities and national charities we love. So began the journey to move NotEvenVanilla out of just the digital realm. Thus NotEvenVanilla, LLC was born. We are a proud veteran owned company who wants to give back not only to our troops, but also to those who have helped us grow from simple gamers, to full on entrepreneurs.

You can find us on Minecraft Java Edition at server IP: notevenvanilla.apexmc.co

Also, we love our pets, and we love seeing yours! Feel free to send us pictures of your pets, as we will soon have a digital pet board for all of our patrons, friends, and family!

Our Mission

First and foremost our mission is to help ensure other's have the same opportunities that we are given on a daily basis! We have multiple milestone goals in place, all dedicated to giving back to our communities, both online and locally! As a business, we aim to always be mindful and open to the thoughts and opinions of those we work with! Our community is built of many people from many backgrounds and when we all come together there is nothing that can't be done! We hope to grow into something that all peoples will love and want to be a part of.

How We Help

We are dedicated to giving back to those who helped us achieve our goals on a daily basis! First and foremost a portion of all of our proceeds goes to Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund aka CFSRF. To us, the future of our country is of the utmost importance, and we feel it's our duty to help the children of today build the world of tomorrow.

In addition to supporting the families of our fallen troops, we will be supporting our patrons directly, just as they support us! Every month in true N.E.V. tradition, we will be holding raffles! The raffles will start as credit to any of our different stores (server related and physical goods). As time goes on, and we grow as we have shown we can, we will begin giving cash raffle prizes as well as much larger giveaways!


Yearly donation projection for 2021:



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