Custom Laser Services

Custom Laser Services
We want to expand our portfolio!
We feel we do very good work (after extensive testing and research) and our customers agree!
However we want to do more, we want to get into doing more custom laser works such as
metal cups
custom coins and military pinions
fire arms merchandise such as polymer magazines, slides for pistols, and much more
It's our plan to double our current portfolio of laser works that we are able to offer customers. We are growing, and we want you to be a part of that growth.
Nothing sounds too outrageous to us or too crazy. If you have any idea at all and you don't already see it on our website we are encouraging you to reach out to us!
If we begin to produce a product or service encouraged or designed by you there will most likely be some form of compensation! So don't be shy, let us know what more we could be doing!
You are the light of the world, we are just carrying the torch!

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  • Jeremy Koon
Comments 1
  • Jeremiah Smith
    Jeremiah Smith

    I saw the axe you engraved on tik tok and have one similar that I would love to have engraved.

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